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Brand Research

Brand Research from Orange County Marketing Analytics

Develop and Measure Brand Value

Where is your brand in the cycle of Brand Evolution?  How do customers perceive your brand? Is your brand trusted, relevant, different? Become more competitive in the minds of customers by assessing critical brand factors and matching them to other marketing metrics.

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Satisfaction Surveys

Online Customer Suvey Research from OC Marketing Analytics

Deliver Online Surveys to Customers & Employees

Make better business decisions with OC Marketing Analytics. Over a decade of experience keeps your surveys clean and unbiased, giving you the accurate insights that you need to target new markets and keep your customers and employees happy.

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Concept Testing

Product Concept Testing Research from Orange County Marketing Analytics

Product Development & Concept Testing

What do you think; will she put it in her shopping cart? Our product and concept studies are ‘budget perfect’ for new product launches, product changes, service system designs, and capturing package perceptions. We work seamlessly with agencies and client-direct.

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Service Blueprinting

Marketing Research and Analytics Training from Orange County OC Marketing Analytics

Develop A Better Service Design for Your Business

A service blueprint describes a service in enough detail to implement and maintain it carefully. A service blueprint is a map of the service journey, identifying processes, isolating failure points and establishing the timeline for service delivery.

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Consumer Research Panels

Marketing Research Panels from OC Marketing Analytics

Local and Global Survey Respondent Access

Need to capture perceptions of primary grocery shoppers in the U.S.? Want to reach a sample of teenagers in China? Our surveys include access to over 27 million respondents in 71 countries, giving us the resources to deliver results on time and within budget.

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Restaurants & Retail

Restaurant and Retail Survey Research from OC Marketing Analytics

eComment Cards for Restaurants and Retailers

Sync customer comment cards with an online interface. Get feedback in minutes, share with your team, and improve complaint response time. Implement great looking and customer friendly eComment cards. We’ve made it so simple to check this baby off your to do list.

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Services Blueprinting from OC Marketing Analytics

Service Gap Analysis and Customer Experience Consulting

Survey research and social analytics are great ways to narrow critical gaps in the service process.  Service Gap Analysis results in your marketing team understanding customers expectations and implementing expectations-consistent processes, that your employees are carrying out your service standards, and that consumers’ perceptions of communications and service performance are aligned with their needs.

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