Orange County Marketing Analytics was founded in 2012 by Ray Benedicktus – formerly Artemis Crane Research & Consulting (2008-2011).  OC Marketing Analytics provides marketing research and analytics-based training and consulting to companies and marketing professionals in Orange County, CA.

Our marketing research services are expansive, given the academic and advanced statistical training of our leadership.  However, most of our projects focus on brand research, product development testing (including ad and concept testing), and satisfaction surveys (clients, customers, and employees).

Training services are either (1) hosted in executive style conference or classroom facilities or (2) provided on-site to marketing teams in client companies.  The OC Marketing Analytics training program coupled with analytics program materials licensed by partner companies (e.g., IBM/SPSS, Google, DecisionPro) combine to provide the most comprehensive source of marketing analytics resources in Southern California. OC Marketing Analytics also provides analytics consulting services, including advisement and execution for data collection projects, data analysis, and interpretation of results for marketing decision making.

Our aim is to improve the marketing process in Orange County businesses by aiding professional marketers in demonstrating the financial outcomes of marketing decisions both within their departments and to executives in other business functions (i.e., Finance, Accounting, Operations, C-Suites and Shareholders). Overall, companies are more competitive and profitable when research and analytics are kept at the forefront of marketing decisions.