Product Development, Concept Testing & Service Design Research

Product development and concept research is a wide enough area of focus that in 2008, OC Marketing Analytics adopted it as one of our core services. Whether your “product” is a durable good, service, or idea (e.g., brand, policy) or you merely wish to discover more about your industry or retail location, OC Marketing Analytics has you covered. We function decision advocates for your business, delivering the right information using survey best-practices, that are likely a lot less complicated to implement than you think..

  • Focus groups and surveys for concept testing and package design
  • Taste tests for food and beverage products
  • Service blueprinting and survey research for service process design
  • Brand name and logo testing
  • Retail Location Analysis
  • Secondary research & Industry trend analysis

Advertising Concept Research

Advertising is one of the most important and most expensive marketing functions, so it is crucial that advertising decisions are made with the best information. The world’s best brands conduct advertising research prior to rolling out new advertising campaigns, when fine-tuning an existing marketing campaign, or when monitoring brand awareness/perceptions to ensure the greatest ROI and market share is obtained.

Idea Development & Testing

AdWhereSM: Which media are most effective in reaching your target markets? The best way to find out without wasting resources on trial-and-error marketing is to ask your customer where they learn about and search for products like yours and the media to which they are most likely to use. In addition, OC Marketing Analytics uses the MediaMark MRI+ profiling system and ESRI’s Tapestry segments to help you identify your best markets and determine where they are most likely to respond to your advertising.

ConTestSM: Which of your ad Concepts will Test as the most effective in achieving your advertising goals? A ConTest that evaluates and compares the benefits of your advertising options is a good way to find out prior to ad launch. If you have multiple ideas for a radio or television campaign, alternative billboard, print, or web ad designs, this low cost service is definitely for you. OC Marketing Analytics will test your concepts with an online survey in batches of as few as 2 or up to 20 at a time.

Test New Advertising Concepts

Advertising Testing and Tracking

ConFirmSM: Need assurance that your advertising development team is on the right track? Of course you do! Stop development of flawed ads and concentrate on the ones that work. Safe time and costly mistakes by evaluating and improving advertising concepts, early-stage print ads, TV storyboards, and radio scripts as they are being developed. Post-development testing aimed at predicting the effectiveness of rough to finished commercials and advertising copy is included as part of this service or separately.

AdTrackSM: Which of your marketing campaigns is most effective in building awareness, in shifting corporate image, in generating traffic, or improving revenues? Marketing decisions are closer to optimal when there are tracking systems in place. Not all advertising has the same objectives and thus is not tracked the same way. Contact OC Marketing Analytics discuss implementing a tracking system for your company’s marketing; from advertising recall to longitudinal awareness and sales inquiry tracking.

Track Existing Advertising Campaigns

Big Data Platform from IBM

How to we measure?

OC Marketing Analytic has adapted several methods for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  • Top of Mind Awareness (Evoked Set)
  • Aided and Unaided Message Recall
  • Aided and Unaided Advertising Awareness
  • Aided and Unaided Brand Awareness
  • Response Rates (Trials, Sales, Digital/Web Metrics)
  • Changes in Brand Image Perceptions
  • Market Segment Level Analysis