Branding the SYBER Vapor Console

OC Marketing Analytics Research for Branding Syber Vapor Console

Should CyberPowerPC rebrand for the new product launch? And what other factors will affect success?

Crisp Branding (Santa Ana, CA) approached OC Marketing Analytics with the task of capturing perceptions of CyberPowerPC’s current customers to include perceptions of CyberPowerPC’s brand, competitive position on key decision attributes (which were also to be identified in the study), and to gauge responsiveness to numerous factors that would affect the launch of what is now the SYBER Vapor gaming ‘console.’

Our Approach: OC Marketing Analytics interviewed CyberPowerPC executives and debriefed the team at Crisp Branding to uncover the actionable insights that would be derived from the research. OC Marketing Analytics designed a survey that captured customers’ perceptions of brand and product factors and also helped CyberPowerPC understand price resistance across consumer segments, likely word-of-mouth behaviors, preferred media usage and much more.  In all, over 4,000 CyberPowerPC customers participated during only 3 days of data collection, yielding a margin of error of less than 1.5%.

The Outcome: Discovering that their brand had grown from it’s niche focus to become more mainstream (rather than gamer-specific brand), Crisp Branding developed the product brand ‘Syber’ and the product ‘Vapor’, paying tribute to the PC gaming manufacturers, but limiting direct mention of the CyberPowerPC name on packaging to the fine print.  The ‘Syber Vapor’ moniker was quickly adopted and blogs now tout the product as being the SteamOS gaming system with the highest overall value for consumers.

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