Product Concept Research for Crazy Cuizine

Crazy Cuizine Product Concept Research from OC Marketing Analytics

Where do our frozen Asian meal products stand competitively? Which package format is best? What should we put on the package to attract more customers? Are there differences between Costco consumers and grocery store shoppers?

Sift, Cipher & Bloom (Orange County, CA), brand advisors to Day Lee Foods (Sante Fe Springs, CA) approached OC Marketing Analytics with the need to define competitive brand position and test product, logo and packaging changes for Day Lee’s ‘Crazy Cuizine’ brand of frozen Asian meals. Specifically, Day Lee was considering a switch in packaging from a boxed meal product to a bagged product, changing the Crazy Cuizine logo and making other package changes to include the prominent elements (taglines, nutritional and easy of use benefits). The client has a specific need for data from Primary Grocery Shoppers and Costco consumers.

Crazy Cuizine Packaging

Our Approach: OC Marketing Analytics enlisted our consumer research panel resources, soliciting responses from predominantly female (70%+) grocery shoppers, half of which were quota’d to be Costco members (a preset filter in our panel databases). We developed and administered a 5-7 minute online survey that ranked and rated the aforementioned package elements with a 3-group between subjects (definition) package experiment embedded within the broader survey instrument.

The Outcome: Rather than change the logo and tagline for Crazy Cuizine, brand managers used the results to justify sticking with the strength of their current brand and changed the product package to a vertically oriented box (shown at right) for grocery stores with a design focused on the product features most valued by frozen Asian meal consumers. Club store (e.g., Costco) packaging remained as a horizontally formatted box.

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