New Breakfast Menu Product Testing at Del Taco Restaurants

Breakfast Menu Item Research Product Testing from OC Marketing Analytics

We have some new menu concepts, which of the 44 meat, sauce, and format combinations would result in the best ‘Take Rates’ for our stores?

Fast food chains were adding breakfast menus faster than consumers could consume a quesadilla. Del Taco wanted to introduce menu items with the best chance of success. The company’s product and branding consultants, I.D. Entity (Brea, CA), retained OC Marketing Analytics for a large scale product testing experiment.  The goals were to (1) determine the best product items and (2) assign the most appropriate price point for each item.

Our Approach: In only three days, OC Marketing Analytics programmed over 315 pages of an online survey, to include the randomization and branching logic that would restrict each survey participant to rating four random product concepts across several performance indicators and to provide price input for the same concepts.

The Outcome: I.D. Entity was able to provide pricing guidance to Del Taco for the most popular new breakfast menu items using an easy to read 2-page report of the research results. Del Taco introduced products that had the ideal combination of meat (chicken, beef), sauce (zesty red sauce, salsa verde), and format (burrito, taco, quesadilla) at prices most consistent with consumer’s expectations.

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