Refocused Branding at UnitedAg

Orange County Marketing Analytics Branding UnitedAg

How do agricultural businesses view our trade association? And what services and content do they value?

UnitedAg (Irvine, CA), one of the nation’s largest agricultural trade associations, enlisted OC Marketing Analytics to help its leadership understand how agribusinesses viewed the UnitedAg brand and to what extent members assigned value to each of the numerous services that the association provides.

Our Approach: OC Marketing Analytics met with the executive management of UnitedAg in a group interview setting to extract information about the trade association, its competitors, members and programs. In addition to applying our arsenal of brand, competitive position, and service value measures, OC Marketing Analytics used published scale items from marketing journals and our experience with brand metrics to develop a short, but representative brand assessment.  This assessment was designed to capture member perceptions of the four factors in Young & Rubicon’s Brand Asset Valuator model (Brand Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem, and Knowledge).

The Outcome: UnitedAg was able to focus the content of their information-based services (newsletters, agri-business best-practice advisement) and better understand which services to highlight when attracting new members to the trade association (most important services), and which to highlight when seeking to retain members (services with high satisfaction and value assessments). We also uncovered overlapping use of multiple trade associations among some members, which aided UnitedAg in discovering opportunities for service value improvements.  The brand assessment ultimately yielded insight into UnitedAg’s strength and stature in the marketplace, providing opportunity for discussing the current state and the future direction of UnitedAg.

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