Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In today’s dynamic marketplace, measuring customer satisfaction and assessing customer needs are essential for customer relationship management and reduction of service quality gaps.  OC Marketing Analytics research professionals will assist you in laying a foundation for revenue growth through increased knowledge of your target markets, stronger relationships with customers, and the ability to make more profitable marketing decisions.

  • 96% of all unsatisfied customers will simply leave a business without informing the business of a problem.
  • It is 5-7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain existing customers.
  • Satisfied customers tell 5 others about good treatment; dissatisfied customers typically tell at least 9 others.
  • 70% of the reasons customers switch has little to do with product or service characteristics, but instead, the quality of the customers’ interactions with the firm.

Customer Insights

(Annual & Semi-Annual Surveys)

Improve customer loyalty, retention and grow profits with customer satisfaction research.

Benefits of Customer Insights

Customer Insights is a full-service customer satisfaction solution that applies a robust survey application for data collection. OC Marketing Analytics researchers program a custom survey solution for your needs and budget. then perform basic and/or advanced data analysis, and deliver an easy to understand, comprehensive survey report. Overall, this program is designed to help you:

  • Truly understand and measure customer satisfaction and retention,
  • Identify the actions necessary to maintain and grow customer loyalty,
  • Assess the impact of customer satisfaction initiatives on overall business performance
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Surveys and Customer Loyalty

It is no secret that customer loyalty has a direct impact on your bottom line. With more ways than ever to spread news about a specific interaction, customers have access to greater information that can help them decide between your business and one of your competitors. Misunderstanding customers’ needs and perceptions costs companies hundreds of thousand of dollars each year due to less than optimal product decisions and flawed marketing communications.  You want your customers to have positive and competitively differentiating experiences. You want your company to become a destination- a place where customers want to return, and return often.

It is now up to you to solicit feedback that can allow you to easily understand your customers and quickly react to their demands.

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Reporting and Pricing

Reporting: The results of your satisfaction study are collected, aggregated, and presented to you in an easy-to-read format.  We are experts at communicating statistical results in a understandable and actionable manner.  After the project is completed OC Marketing Analytics can assist you in further segmenting the data based on several attributes including time periods, region, location, sales representative, and more.  Automated notifications can also be triggered during the survey effort to alert your marketing team of specific customer feedback that requires immediate attention.

Pricing: You will be asked to share your data requirements and reporting needs during the initial consultation so that you never pay for analyses that will not add value to your organization.  Pricing is largely based on analysis and reporting needs, which determine survey design specifications.  All of these factors vary widely by client, so all pricing is custom, just like the research solution.  That said, OC Marketing Analytics can do amazing things with even a small budget. We will ask for your budget constraints up front so that we can develop a solution that adds the most value to your organization while meeting your resource constraints. Factors that your budget will affect are:

  • Revision & Programming Time: Number and complexity of questions & survey logic
  • Data Collection: Incentive allocation for survey respondents & number of custom invitations
  • Analysis & Report Detail: Complexity of analysis and format of results reporting
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Customer Feedback

(Ongoing, Real-Time Surveys)

Track customer satisfaction over time with an ongoing satisfaction survey solution.

Special Features of Ongoing Surveys

Design: Your survey instrument is custom designed to be consistent with your ongoing research goals, while allowing for complete brand control and in a professional, crisp, respondent-friendly format. Choose from a wide range of question-types and advanced survey options, at a set-up and monthly hosting rate that fits your budget.

Invite:  Use receipts, invoices, billing statements, branded survey URL’s, QR codes, graphically enhanced emails, social media links, and/or online survey panels to invite respondents to your survey.

Collect:  Listen to customer suggestions and comments that will help you improve your business. Collect information across stores, customer-contact employees, salespersons, and at the organizational level.

Improve and Retain:  Instantly respond to customer concerns and use real-time information to improve your business everyday. Now is the time to get proactive with customer retention!

Get the Best Value for Satisfaction Surveys

Real Time Responses

Customer feedback is recorded instantly. Online summary reports are updated every hour 24/7, so your data is always current. Get reports for all responses or a specified time period, or both!

Automated Response Communications

Email notifications delivered to your inbox whenever a survey response is below an acceptable range or matches preset criteria (e.g., less than satisfied or new customers). Thank respondents for providing feedback by automatically delivering special coupons, offers, or other messages via email or SMS. Different messages and offers can be sent according to satisfaction or usage rate responses!

Interact with Customers in Real-Time

Basic Feedback

As low as $299/month*
Up to 10 Basic Questions Types on 1 Custom Branded Survey Page

Branded Survey URL ($25) and QR Codes, iFrame, JavaScript Available

Unlimited Responses and Mobile Friendly

$99 set-up fee + monthly hosting & reporting *(see details)

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Restaurants & Retail

Restaurant and Retail Survey Research from OC Marketing Analytics

eComment Cards for Restaurants and Retailers

Sync customer comment cards with an online interface. Get feedback in minutes, share with your team, and improve complaint response time. Implement great looking and customer friendly eComment cards. We’ve made it so simple to check this baby off your to do list.

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Real Estate Surveys

Orange County Realtor Evaluations from OC Marketing Analytics

Client Evaluations of Orange County Realtors

Keep clients coming back, create referral opportunities, and hone your real estate practice with real estate client surveys. Real-time reports accompany custom branded real estate surveys. Try the perfect feedback solution for brokerage firms and independent agents!

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Service Gap Analysis

Services Gap Analysi from OC Marketing Analytics

Service Gap Analysis = Surveys + Social Analytics

Service Gap Analysis provides your marketing team with better understanding of customers expectations and allows you to implement expectations-consistent processes, ultimately aligning communications and service performance with customer needs.

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