[two_third]The web monitoring solutions from OC Marketing Analytics are perfect for any company seeking real-time tracking of social media comments, forum posts, online review sites for brand, product, campaign-specific, or other marketing relevant information.

Our solution to Social Analytics and Online Brand Monitoring is a unique combination of social listening, traditional research and analysis, and marketing strategy.  We combine a state of the art social listening platform with valuable hands-on customization, industry analysis, and in-depth reporting from seasoned marketing analysts.

[box] Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

  • Monitor over 20 million (that’s 20,000,000+) blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, review sites and more in real-time for any mention of your company, product, or brand.
  • Track unlimited key words & media mentions to monitor every instance of mention of your brand, products, competitors, campaigns, service and/or quality reputation
  • Get automatic email notifications from which you can easily interact with your social media influencers
  • Engage & manage relationships with customers, followers, and Internet contributors
  • Gain insight into the words that influencers and consumers use to inform others of their interactions with your brand
  • Periodic or campaign-specific reports identify key trends and measure the impact of your marketing efforts
  • Professional consultants will work with you to build your Social Analytics Solution[/box]
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Client Benefits:

Customized Results related to the topics/brands of your choice and detailed reports, combine to give you the tools to effectively track, analyze, and dissect key topics and brands most relevant to your business.

Customized Deliverables designed for your specific needs, on-demand, multi-topic/brand searches, and periodic (daily/weekly) alerts so that you can compare brands/topics as frequently as needed.

Speed: Our monitoring platform is real-time, so the results you see daily and in your periodic reports are fresher than glacier water. OC Marketing Analytics can usually turn around custom results in 1-2 days for online reports and in about 3-5 days for reports with comprehensive analyst/consultant commentary.

Access to Experts: As detailed in each solution description, our analysts and consultants are at your disposal with no additional cost, ever.
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