Managers are constantly making decisions regarding product features, pricing, distribution options, sales incentives, and allocation of resources with  limited marketplace information. Although intuition and experience are indeed quite valuable, most ‘mental models’ of decision making are prone to systematic errors as they are largely biased toward a particular perspective and motivations of one or only a few key persons.

In contrast, marketing analytics is a systematic approach to translation of marketplace data. This decision support system combines current marketing concepts with analytical processing so that managers can scrutinize the effectiveness of marketing decisions. During a time in which better informed customer markets are seeking greater value, the importance of segment definitions and targeting is rising, managers are expected to perform better with less support personnel. It is absolutely critical that businesses remain competitive by advancing knowledge of evolving marketing best practices.

OC Marketing Analytics is the leader in the dissemination of marketing analytics knowledge throughout southern California.  OC Marketing Analytics has developed a unique set of ten training modules specifically aimed at increasing the marketing savvy of professional marketers and business owners.  These hands-on, analysis-intensive modules range from marketing research (data collection) to proven customer segmentation and targeting methods. In each session, participants gain direct experience using tools such as online survey applications, SPSS data analysis software, and Marketing Engineering for MS Excel. Marketing professionals can learn advanced techniques to guide and simplify decisions related to brand positioning and resource allocations, receive training in multiple forecasting methods, understand consumer decision models, and conduct specialized analysis for product and pricing decisions.  Social media and web analytics are also part of the certification program.

What happens in a training session?

  • Training sessions typically begin with a brief review of relevant marketing concepts and their importance in organizational marketing and financial performance. This enables instructors and attendees to form a common understanding of the general purpose, potential benefits, and even some limitations of each method.
  • After participants understand how the analytic tools can be applied, instructors establish a foundation for the analysis portion by covering the basic process of the analysis or research method, including what is happening at various stages of the process and basic do’s and dont’s. This training method is designed to help participants navigate past common pitfalls during the session.
  • Next, clients get their hands dirty with actual marketing data from leading and well-known companies via case-based learning.  An analytics enabled laptop and wireless mouse are provided to each participant for use during analytics training sessions.
  • Finally, participants interactively discuss what they have learned during the session and how they perceive it being applied in their business. Often, additional insights regarding the applicability of a particular analysis can come from this discussion with other marketing practitioners and fellow business owners.

Is there any follow up support if I want to implement marketing analytics within my organization?

After the session, participants or sponsoring companies are welcome to contact OC Marketing Analytics for further support or to request information about integrating one or more analytics methods into their organizations’ decision processes. In addition to this support, we of course would like you to consider OC Marketing Analytics for related services such as marketing surveys, data collection and analysis or analytics integration.

In what type of facilities does training typically take place?

OC Marketing Analytics training sessions typically take place in executive style classrooms, training rooms, or conference style facilities (e.g., Hyatt Regency in Irvine and the Business Expo Center in Anaheim).  OC Marketing Analytics prefers smaller groups to that we can provide more individual attention during training.  Therefore, whenever possible, analytics training sessions are held in conference rooms seating 10-15 people.  We have carefully selected our training facilities to maximize client comfort, participant interaction, and technological capabilities.

How does OC Marketing Analytics ensure that I get individual attention if I need it during the session?

The goal of our training service is to enhance clients’ understanding of marketing analytics methods. We believe that in order to accomplish this objective, clients should have access to adequate individual assistance during the sessions. For this reason, participation is limited (e.g., 8, 12, 20 persons) based on the module’s content.  OC Marketing Analytics also schedules either (1) more than one certified trainer or (2) a certified trainer and a marketing analytics assistant for each session.